Don’t Let Age Change You, Change the way you age!

Throughout my 30 year career as a nurse, I have watched our healthcare system slowly transition into a sick care system that simply manages disease rather than creating health. I’ve witnessed patients age more rapidly than ever before, while facing a significant decline in their quality of life. Sadly, our healthcare model has not focussed on restoring health and vitality, rather the focus has been on treating symptoms with pills and procedures. 

I saw the weariness and frustration from patients when we were merely addressed complaints instead of providing healing solutions. It truly broke my heart to watch people who should have many years ahead of them, progressively decline, burdened with multiple chronic conditions. The traditional system failed them, often confining them to care facilities and separating them from their loved ones.  Treating at the surface level without tackling the root causes was like putting a band-aid on a deep wound. It just wasn’t enough. They deserved better. They deserved a holistic approach that addressed the underlying issues and nurtured their bodies and minds.   


My mission is to change the way you experience aging. AgeWISE set out to inspire and empower you with the message that you are meant to live a long and vibrant life, filled with health and vitality. I firmly believe that each and every one of us possesses immeasurable value, regardless of age. I would be honored to guide you towards renewal and revitalization, so that you may fully tap into your inherent worth.

Let’s do this!

The world is waiting for you!


I was determined to find a better way. A way that honored the aging process, and offered a chance at a strong, healthy, and vibrant life, everyday until the last day.

I began studying lifestyle medicine, nutrition, prevention, and the science and art of aging. I learned the cutting edge approaches to aging well and eagerly shared these profound insights with my patients and friends. The impact was remarkable. They felt more energized, looked more youthful and some even reversed their chronic conditions. Now, through AgeWise, I am here to empower you with the same transformative knowledge. Together, we can navigate the aging process with grace and vitality. Let’s challenge the norms and discover the possibilities of a vibrant life at any age!

How do I start?

Become a part of the AgeWISE membership program and open the door to a unlimited resources, support, and a like-minded community. Or, if you’d rather take things at your own pace, explore our self-guided individual programs. You can also mix and match to discover the ideal combination for your journey towards age reversal.

We explore the habits and lifestyle that will help you to feel young, look young and live young. Through our programs and supportive community, you’ll begin to understand how our bodies age, how to care for them through the process, and how to reverse aging naturally, simply and beautifully.

Get to know Denise.

I’m so happy you found AgeWISE!

I’m truly passionate about aging well and I am committed to helping women, just like you, live long lives filled with vitality. My purpose is to ensure that you savor every day until your last, embracing the wisdom and value that each year brings. I firmly believe that we all have unique gifts to offer the world, regardless of our age, and we need our healthy bodies and minds to share our gifts!

When I’m not coaching or speaking, you’ll find me on the tennis courts, practicing yoga, cherishing time with my grandchildren, or enjoying boating and the beautiful outdoors of North Carolina.

On a personal note, I am happily married to my husband of 37 years, and our family has grown to include our 5 wonderful adult children, their amazing spouses, and our 6 awesome grandchildren. We love spending time together (mostly), and staying in touch via our never ending family text thread!

Grow Bolder, Not Older

Together, we will inspire and uplift one another on this incredible journey towards aging well! Women just like you have experienced remarkable transformations by embracing the insights, tools and support offered within our programs and community.

You didn’t land on this website by accident. It’s a sign you are ready to make changes that will turn back the hands of time!